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General information

Participants with a one-time license and trial participants to receive a start-up package must provide a health certificate or health insurance covering the risks when participating in a triathlon.

Participants with a FTU license must not have medical certificates or insurance.

According to the regulations for conducting competitions for lovers, every participant-amateur (except for the participants of the trials!) MUST BE MUST HAVE A LICENSE from the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine! The license issued by the FTU includes insurance, does not require medical certificates and is multiple.

When receiving a beta package, each participant will have the opportunity to purchase a one-time insurance.

Cost – 100grn.

Sprint for lovers: 1000 hrn.

Olympics for lovers: 1000 hrn.

Trial: 1300 hrn.

European Cup sprint distance: 80 €

European Junior Championship: € 60

The registration fee includes a finisher and a hat. T-shirt is paid extra!

During the 2018 competition, the following age groups are established:
Group 1 19-29 years
Group 2 30-39 years;
Group 3 40-49 years old;
Group 4 50-59 years;
Group 5 is 60 and older.

This year’s prize fund of the competition within the Dnipro Triathlon Fest is 480 000 hryvnias.

Prize fund Dnipro ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup (men and women)
1st place 1,250 EUR
2nd place 1,000 EUR
3rd place 750 EUR
4th place 500 EUR
5th place 400 EUR
6th place 350 EUR
7th place 300 EUR
8th place 200 EUR
9th place 150 EUR
10th place 100 EUR

There will also be a prize pool for the Dnipro Triathlon Junior European Cup in the total amount of EUR 3000!

Prize fund 2018 Dnipro ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup (boys and girls)

1st place 450 EUR
2nd place 375 EUR
3rd place 300 EUR
4th place 225 EUR
5th place 150 EUR
Prize fund for lovers on individual distances “Olympics” and “Sprints” in each age category and “Trials” (per team)
1 place 3000 grn.
2nd place 2000 grn.
3 place 1000 grn.